About Us


David Whiteman and the King David Band is the most versatile and entertaining dance/party bands in America. Led by vocalist/guitarist David Whiteman, this 13-piece band cuts no corners entertaining, combining the finest available mix of musicianship, vocals, sound and stage lighting. Covering the widest range of genres, featuring current Top 40, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin and Dance variety music, including many of your favorite current hits.

“Are they really playing that”?

It’s a common question we hear at events. We focus on creating a great natural sound through consistent hard work…. Yes, that is actually us! And its one of the best compliments we receive at our shows. Live or Memorex? The band takes pride in keeping the “Live” in “Live Music” performing its entire show without the need of pre-recorded music or “backing tracks”. One of the last party bands in the area committed to the art. The difference in live vs. tracked is unmistakable. Patrons experience true musicianship and a more “Natural Sound”, “Natural Feel” and “Natural Performance” from a very talented collection of experienced musicians. Therefore, clients get what they request…. LIVE MUSIC!

With every performance, the band gives nothing less than everything they have taking every event to the highest possible level.

Join us for NYE 2020 and bring the New Year in right!